Points Hacking Compendium

Earning miles

The Economics of Credit Card Churning
Is it worth spending hundreds of dollars in annual fees to acquire credit card points? I’m asked this question all. the. time. My short answer? Overwhelmingly, yes! In the past 18 months, I spent $2,600 in annual fees. Am I crazy? What if I told you that I also
How to earn 800K miles in 6 months & fly RTW 4x in business class
A step-by-step guide to amassing 800k miles in 6 months, selecting credit cards, & redeeming business class round-the-world itineraries.
Can I Have Multiple Chase Ink Business Cards?
Explore advanced EIN/SSN strategies & name variations in our ultimate guide to securing multiple Chase Ink cards!
Comprehensive Guide for Multiple Chase Ink Business Cards
Advanced application and approval techniques in the most comprehensive FAQ guide available.

Managing credit cards

Expedite Your New Citi Card: A Quick Guide
Skip the 7-10 day wait. Discover how to expedite your new Citi card using this uncommon loophole.
Ultimate Guide to Downgrading Your Citi Premier Card: Save Fees, Keep Points
Discover how to downgrade Citi Premier, avoid fees, and maximize points. Essential guide for smart card management and savings.